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Welcome, Suffocation Sisters and Supplicants. Currently this is a holding site for the Church Of Suffocation, whose mission is to spread the Beauty and Rapture of Enlightenment through Prayerful Suffocation and Devotional Asphyxia.


My own awakening came by the grace of our own Patron Saint, whose tender ministrations took my breath away. If you have ever slept with a dry cleaning bag underneath your pillow, yearning for a Soul with whom to share that Sweet and Airless Plastic Kiss, REJOICE - You Are Not Alone.


I am in LOVE with total enclosure in plastic and rubber, suffocation, head bagging, bodybags, Zentai bodysuits, hoods and masks, vacuum packing, plastic baths (underwater bagging) and more. As a Suffocation Sister, you will enter fully into a Wonderful World of Airtight Plastic.


I am aware that hundreds of you are visiting the Church, some of you several times a day. Kindly sign the Church Registry (Sisters are strongly encouraged) and let me know who you are, or contact me by email to tell me of your experiences, and what brought you here.


I am always willing to accept Sisters into the Church, who wish to join me in achieveing heightened consciousness through endurance bagging and prayerful suffocation.


I was recently interviewed for an in depth documentary on Sexual Asphyxia, which I will gladly share with my Sisters in Suffocation.


Our Stations include Headbagging, Bodybagging, Vacuum Bagging, Plastic Baths and Total Enclosure in Plastic Wrap, Balloons, Plastic Dropcloths, Mattress Protectors, and stifling forms of layering. We do not advocate bondage, per se, as we do not find this method directly conducive to Enlightenment.


We acknowledge Female Masking and Zentai, Dollsuits, and Kigurumi, Full Burqa, as well as Pantyhose Encasement - the more layers, the better.




Please Note, all actions, conduct, and representations within this site are by consenting adults who wish solely to express their undying devotion. No depictions, exhortations or incitements to coercion or violence are at all allowed.


الحجاب، والنقاب، والعباءة، وستة طبقات من جوارب طويلة، ستة طبقات من قفازات اللاتكس، اللاتكس قناع الرأس الكامل تحت البرقع، أدخل كيس من البلاستيك لكامل الجسم، واعطاء الثناء كما كنت نختنق في النعمة....

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