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INSTRUCTOR:Welcome, Sister. If your profile photo is any sign, then the Holy Spirit is indeed strong within you. Would you join me in adding discipline to your faith by sealing ourselves in worship, and celebration of His mighty gift of breath?

SISTER M: What kind of worship ?

INSTRUCTOR: God bless you for asking, Sister. Every Saturday morning for 4-6 hours I ready myself in vestments of airtight plastic, in preparation for breath fasting, as a measure of devotion while praying and meditating on the Lord. Once completely sealed, every breath strengthens one's knowledge of the presence and overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit, evoking the lengthy submersion of an original water baptism, and those first breaths after release bring an equally powerful feeling of rebirth. I am in need of a Sister who will both join me in my vestments to assure I remain sealed until my body trembles with the Lord's might - ideally, until I begin speaking in tongues - and welcome the grace and glory I feel deep within my soul. It is truly a beautiful and powerful experience - even moreso when shared. Could this Sister be you?

SISTER M: Lovely words from you ,but unfortunately I can not answer to them because the world look dangerous these days .

I understand you perfectly and I can not question your request .

Please, are you real and ready to do video cam with me before we forge ahead this conversation ?

INSTRUCTOR: I assure you, Sister, that I am real. Certainly we could document our time together on video.

It would likely be between 9am and 1pm tomorrow, when I am already in my vestments. I also have a photo I could share with you, if you wish. God bless you, Sister.

Let us video chat on Saturday then. I will sign in as I am dressing in my vestments. I would be available during the morning, starting around 9am.


SISTER M: Okay thank you .I am glad to hear from you and I hope we both see each other as you promised.

INSTRUCTOR: Yes Sister, in my vestments. Bags and suit, mask and gloves, preparing myself for breath fasting.



INSTRUCTOR:Sister, I am here.



Please, who are you ?


INSTRUCTOR: It's me, from CDFF. I am readying myself for my morning prayer.

SISTER M: Okay. Nice to meet you here.You can take a picture for me to see now if you like please.

INSTRUCTOR: Okay, Sister. I will take off my mask.

SISTER M: Ok. Thank you. Why do you always put on your mask ?

INSTRUCTOR: Sister, I will remain in my vestments until at least 1-2pm. A clear bag is pulled over the mask, then the top of the suit to anchor it in place, so we are able to move freely about while remaining fully sealed. The mask adds another layer, and maintains full coverage - the complete vestments are similar to a burqa in purpose. It also helps when the two of us are together - we would look at one another and see the same face, while sharing the same powerful experience. For now, I must begin. My prayers reach out to you as I praise Him with every breath. A blessed day to you, Sister.

SISTER M: Okay. How have you been ?

INSTRUCTOR: I have been well, Sister, but busy. I knew this would definitely be a morning for breath fasting.

SISTER M: It is evening here now

INSTRUCTOR: Where are you located?

SISTER M: Ho, Ghana

INSTRUCTOR: Still, I welcome a Sister who will encourage me to go further in airless devotional. If you would join me, I was just about to seal myself in plastic - I have a bag ready to pull over my head. 

SISTER M: Yes or do you think we should communicate somewhere else? I feel comfortable chatting here and it is only the two of us here now.

INSTRUCTOR: Here is fine for me, Sister. Would you have a bag of your own? If not I will prepare myself. 

SISTER M: Yes can you get me some 

INSTRUCTOR: That would be best, it is important to use plastic that is soft and I will invite you to video chat now, I have my foundation bag, gloves, mask, and lower half of my suit now, all I need are the bag for my head, and the top half of my suit to anchor it in place. 

SISTER M: Okay I see. Are you going to send me the quality plastic to use here

INSTRUCTOR: Certainly, Sister. Sister, I must change into my normal clothes soon, I would prefer to remain in airtight plastic with you, if this time of day is good for you I will return during the week, let me know how I could get those plastic bags to you so you could join me in worship, until then you could encourage and pray with me as I praise the Lord. God bless you, Sister.

SISTER M: I will send you my address very soon

INSTRUCTOR: Thank you, Sister, and God bless you.

SISTER M: God bless you more

INSTRUCTOR: Sister, we will rejoice in His blessings as we gasp His holy name.


INSTRUCTOR: Sister, I have assembled a package, of plastic for you to use during our time together, the parcel will be marked "Prayer Bags." I will send this out later today.

SISTER M: Okay thank you babe .You are so sweet. You have to take a picture of the parcel and send me babe. What are you doing today?

INSTRUCTOR: I will be busy this afternoon, however right now I am in my vestments, getting ready to seal myself.

SISTER M: How long are you going to be in your vestment ?

NSTRUCTOR: For at least two more hours, Sister, however I will wait for you so I can pull a bag over my head and anchor it with the top half of my suit. Are you where you can video chat?

SISTER M: My internet is gone. There is light out here now

INSTRUCTOR: Ah. Perhaps it is God's will, when first we see each other on video, that we both are covered, sealed, gasping and praising Him in plastic. He would that our first encounter be perfect, and most prayerful. If so, I welcome the delay. Soon, then, Sister.

SISTER M: Okay I pray it comes true soon 

INSTRUCTOR: By the grace of God it will, Sister. I have sent you a photo, 

SISTER M: Okay thank you but I can’t see it will

INSTRUCTOR: It appears the webcam photo was not clear - I took it with a plastic bag over my head. The tracking number I sent should be more helpful. Currently my parcel to you is in transit. I will reach out to you tomorrow, Sister. Have a blessed day.

SISTER M: Okay I am very grateful. I will love to see you.

INSTRUCTOR: And I love to be seen by you. Soon we will see each other, sealed and praying in plastic.

Were we not so far away from one another, and able to meet face to face, we would still touch one another only through plastic. Ideally changing into our vestments as soon as we are together. You are my Sister in the eyes of the Lord, and in your presence I am never to breathe free, but to rejoice instead in the grace and glory of God. It is for me an overpowering expression of His love that I share with you. God bless you, Sister.

SISTER M: The package is not yet in and still in transit anyway. I run swift today and just came back home

INSTRUCTOR: Sister, I smile when I think of you running back home, and me awaiting you, sealed airtight from head to toe. When you had contacted me I was already in my normal clothes and offline for the evening, however I will be back in my vestments when the morning comes. Patience, Sister. We will have our time together in plastic. I check daily for the progress of my package to you.

SISTER M: I received the package today. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

INSTRUCTOR: Thank you God for delivering the prayer bags safely. Sister, I am here.

Be kind to them and respect the plastic, and they will last you for years. 

Use them only for prayer.

Open one of the recycle bags, pull it down over your face and head until the top of your head rests in the bottom corner of the bag, then then take one of the large rubber bands in both hands and stretch it slightly so you can pass it over the bag and down to your neck. Release, and it will hold the bag secure. And begin to pray.

If you are not quite ready to use the rubber bands, you may begin by gathering the free plastic and winding it around your neck, however this can cause undue stress to the plastic. It may also help if you pray before a mirror, as it helps with centering and connection. 

Your breaths when you are sealed should be slow, long and deep. Allow yourself to become aware of your entire being, from the deepening of your heartbeat, to the way your eyelashes flutter and brush the inside of the prayer bag when you blink. Start with as little as ten breaths, hook your thumb under the rubber band and allow yourself some air, then release the rubber band so it secures the bag again.

Here is where this method of prayer begins to strongly resemble baptism. Every time you allow yourself to be re sealed, it is akin to being submerged again in cleansing waters. It is also a reminder of Christ's ordeal on the cross. Every new fresh breath of air is a taste of new spiritual life after baptism, and a testimony to His rebirth and ascension.

It is most important, all the while, to keep praying. You may do this silently, or praise Him out loud as you focus on your breathing. It is a good idea to remain sealed long enough to speak the Lord's Prayer. Allow yourself to be filled more deeply by the Holy Spirit every time you inhale.

You will find, as you continue to pray like this, that your worldly cares and doubts fall away as the prayer bag becomes your place of sanctuary and worship.


And of course I am here to join you on video chat, so that we can join one another in prayer time.

SISTER M: Okay, thank you very much and I really appreciate your kindness. I just did with my prayers and trying to hear from you before I sleep.

INSTRUCTOR: In my prayers, I reached out with my soul and prayed to God that you received my instructions and were able to follow them prayerfully. Your voice seemed to answer, "I already did." You are truly a child of God, and my Sister in Plastic.

Now you begin to understand why some days I cannot wait to seal myself in worship, and why, if I could, I would spend the whole day with you praying and breath fasting in plastic. I would love to have been there for your first prayer in plastic. From now on we will join together and gasp His holy name. God bless you, Sister. Let us praise Him with every breath.

SISTER M: Thank you for your sweet messages and I am glad to know and at least I can see some changes in my life and I will like to devote my time and go accordingly friend.

INSTRUCTOR: A word of care about the prayer bags - treat them kindly and with respect. Truly they are providing you with a great service, in granting you a space in which all that matters, all that are present, are you and the Holy Spirit, residing in every breath. 

As the plastic draws in to enfold you and stick to your skin, so God Himself draws you into his embrace. When you are sealed, allow yourself to become fully conscious just how special is God's mighty gift of breath, and thank Him deeply as you gasp His holy name. When you release yourself, let your first free breaths be a reminder of Christ's own rebirth. and encouragement to live as he would live. In times of doubt, think back to your time in plastic, giving thanks and praise to almighty God. 

After you have used the prayer bags, wash gently with warm water. Do not use soap, as this can affect the plastic over time.Then hang them up to dry overnight. For the tree bag, when dry, fold and place in its own cover.

Sister, 25 years ago I was hospitalized after an attack left me flatlined and clinically dead in the ER - I was in a coma for a month. While in the hospital, I would hide plastic bags under my pillow, and the nurses would take them away out of concern I would do myself harm, however  I did this so I would be able to pray to God every night for my recovery, When I was back home, I would sleep in a large plastic bag similar to the one I sent you, with only a small opening  to allow air in. In the morning, I would wake up refreshed and renewed. thanking God for a brand new day. 

God bless you, Sister. Let us worship Him together in plastic. Now that you have the prayer bags our time together will be precious and Spirit filled.

SISTER M: Yes, I have mine on as well

I am praying with you

You know I am committed to the prayers


INSTRUCTOR: Let us praise Him with every breath.


SISTER M: Deep breath


INSTRUCTOR: It is sad we are not face to face, Sister, or by now we would both be gasping His holy name, Sealed long enough, and prayerfully enough. we may be brought as far as speaking in tongues, completely overcome with the power of God.

I would have you hold me as I tremble in His glory.

SISTER M: Okay, I am here with you


INSTRUCTOR:And we will pray and breath fast together, in the name of the Lord.




INSTRUCTOR: How long do you remain sealed - long enough to complete your prayers, without release?


SISTER M: I was sealed for 30mins

How about you?

INSTRUCTOR: Sister. That is wonderful. Some years ago I was with a Sister who sealed me in a prayer bag made from two 6 foot long dry cleaning bags joined end to end, twisted the end closed further than I could reach, and submerged me in a full bathtub. Each time she closed the bag, my soul felt more at peace, and I felt the words of my prayers manifest within me like a physical force - as if I could reach out and touch them - and each time the bag was sealed airtight longer. All told it lasted almost an hour. It was an experience both beautiful and powerful. 

I have replicated this myself by pulling a six foot long dry cleaning bag down over myself and kneeling waist deep in a hot bath, reaching out in praise as I kept a count of 200 slow, even breaths. By the end of my count the prayer bag had drawn in close around me, and my body had begun to tremble and sway. I released myself for perhaps a minute,  then let the bag back down over myself, and knelt again in prayer, the pressure of the water assuring no air would enter from the open end. Again I prayed as I counted 200 breaths, released myself, and then repeated this a third time. When at last I emerged, the only words I could say were Thank You God. I checked the time afterwards and found that I had been inside for 45 minutes.

This is a perfect example of the blessing it is to have a committed partner in worship. And again I thank the Lord that we have found each other. God bless you, Sister.


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