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Hello Sir or Ma'am,


I have a major fetish for black plastic trash bags. I love to be totally encased inside of these beautiful black trash bags. I usually just get inside the trash bag, sit down and pull the opening of the trash bag down inside with me, and then gather up the top, twist the opening closed, and tight zip tie it air tight above my head. I absolutely love to suffocate inside black plastic trash bags. I use those 55 gallon black plastic trash bags. But I have a question. Do you know of any good self bondage ideas or tips that I can do while I am inside the 55 gallon black plastic trash bags? 


I want to be able to stay inside the trash bags for a longer period of  time, but dont want to die either. So far, I havent found anything that would be good for me to be able to tie myself up in bondage, while inside the trash bag.


I have been into plastic bagging since I was 13 years old, I am now 24years old and have many years of experience with black plastic trash bags. So if you can help me with some tips or ideas on some self bondage inside a black trash bag, it would really help out a lot. Thank you for your time, and I really love your site too. It really rocks, and I hope to see more stuff at your site very soon. Until then, again, thank you for your time.






That is interesting that you were interviewed about sexual plastic bag asphyxiation. Seriously, I thought the document that was posted, was just some sort of fantasy or something. Didnt know that it actually took place sometime ago with another person. That is pretty cool that you have so many women into plastic bag asphyxia and such, or that are interested in it.


Anyways, thanks for the email in helping me to clarify things up. I appreciate that a lot, cuz I didnt know what that email you sent was all about. But for now, I think I am going to get inside a 55 gallon, black plastic, shiny, smooth, and soft trash bag, and seal it air tight and have a good suffocation session. 




I don't do fantasies. I feel people who maintain them are cheating themselves. I do what I love. Finding women to do it with is a constant search. I have two now, independently.






You are welcome for me replying back to you. I am sure that we would have a big bag of fun if we were closer together. I did mention that I am into black plastic trash bags, those are my favorite ones to be bagged up in. But I also like clear head bags, and other types of plastic bags too. As long as its a plastic bag, and it will suffocate me, I love it.


Fantasies: I do have a couple of fantasies, but they are not ones that I am 100% sure that I could live out in real life, and still live to tell about them. Nor go thru it again and again. One of my fantasies, is to be bagged up in a few black plastic trash bags, and then thrown into the back of a trash truck and compacted with the rest of the trash. But I dont think I would live very long thru that. I would suffocate, which, I would love, but then I would die. So, thats no good.


Sites: I have been to both sites before. I like both of them very much, the only problem with the myspace one that you have, is that it takes forever for your page to load, and even longer for any of the vid clips you have there to load and play. But either way, they are both still nice sites to visit, and I do visit both often.


Well, I hope that answers your questions.




Answered? Quite well. 


So you HAVE visited my sites (grins warmly). 


You must have dial up then, like me. It's a chore to 'do' myspace at home.


For the most part you can catch me on messenger late nights or early afternoons. Though, as you're living with your boyfriend, it'd mean creeping out of bed to talk to me... scandalous. Risking that, would really enjoy talking further. 


The closest to fulfilling your fantasy would be to have someone with a pickup truck load you up in the middle of the night with a heap of other bags, and play a tape of compactor sounds while using something to press down on the bags (not fatally, natch) then drive you somewhere to be dumped. You could then break out of the bag, after being left alone there, and find your way back home.


Let me know where and when you settle and I'll be happy to send you the documentary. I'm already sending a copy to one of my (Church Of Suffocation) myspace friends in the Netherlands.




I am glad that I answered your questions quite well.


I talk to a lot of guys on messenger, and he talks to a lot of girls too, so its alright. Creeping out of bed? Well, I dont exactly creep out of bed. I just get out of bed when I need to smoke or use the restroom. Yeah I know, I am a bad girl, I smoke...Ive heard it all before. The fantasy fulfilling thing does sound like a good idea, and Id be more than happy to go along with it.




The friend I mentioned goes to the BBW rooms on yahoo cause the likes the attention she gets, but I always seem to get UNWELCOME attention. For example, around 4 years ago I had 8 custom t shirts made up, that I wear every day. Each has a different picture of a woman with a plastic bag over her head, with the words "got plastic?" beneath the picture. Wouldn't you know all the comments I get are from MEN? It's really annoying. BTW here's a pic of me in one of the shirts. It's good you're able to talk freely. I've been in enough bad relationships to give up on them entirely. Now I'm back to my old ways = independent partners. Not looking to be the center of anyone's universe (or vice versa) and I've too many diverse interests to give up all but one woman, or type of woman. The one thing that unites them all is plastic - it fits everyone!!


Weirdos, hmm? I may be sane, but I'm sure not Normal. One thing's for sure, though = I'm not a predator. Not that you should take my word for it - trust comes with time.




I have heard about your T-shirts before, and always thought that they were interesting. 


As far as your pic goes, yeah I see it and that is a really cool pic of that girl with a clear bag over her head. Hmm, just wish that was me with that bag over my head. As for getting comments from just men only, yeah that would get annoying after a while. Sure, at first, it would be alright, but after a while, its like, come on now, someone else besides a guy say something about it please? 

Yeah, it is nice that I can talk freely, but me and my boyfriend had an agreement a while back. Which was, he could talk to anyone he wanted to, as long as I could talk to anyone I wanted to. And that neither of us would budge in on the conversation. So yeah, its pretty cool.  Ah, plastic, yes it does fit everyone indeed. Plastic is one thing that can truely have the saying "One size fits all."

Well, when I say weirdos, I am sane too, but I am not very normal myself either


I don't go to S&M clubs though. Too many professionals, too many couples, too many voyeurs, too many regulars. I've thought about it, sure. Even bought myself a pair of black rubber jeans and a heavy floor length black vinyl coat. Haven't worn either.


Hard to communicate? It's as hard as you make it (grins).


Don't know how possessive your boyfriend is of you, so I hesitate to say what I'd like to do with that bag over your head. Your wishes are appreciated, though, and warmly received.

Wrapping up a lady friend is always a treat, although I've been with women large enough to require two rolls! I'm introducing my new friend to the idea of her lying down inside a large plastic bag, and me using scissors and clear packing tape to tailor make a form fitting plastic catsuit to her body. Or a long, loose skirted gown she can trap me under. She's new to plastic, but warming well.




I dont think that there are many women out there that are willing to admit that they are into plastic. I think that there are many many women out there that are into plastic, and that do it often or whatever, but are too afraid to admit to anyone really. Me, I admit it that I am into plastic, especially black plastic trash bags. I love being tied up tightly, gagged with a 13 gallon trash bag, then shoved into a 55 gallon 3.0 mils thick black plastic trash bag, and the trash bag is then pulled up over my body and head, then sealed with a nylon zip tie nice and air tight.

Outside of the feel of the smooth soft and slick plastic on my skin, I really love to suffocate and the feeling of suffocating and gasping for air that isnt in there with me, whether its a trash bag, or a clear bag

over my head.

Communication isnt really hard for me. Just there are times that when I meet someone new, I am not exactly sure what to say first. I mean, I don't want to scare ya off, but since you are into plastic suffocation, and I am too, then I don't think that I am gonna scare you off by telling you that I am into plastic asphyxia. Though, there have been many people that I have met and talked to, then when they found out that I was into plastic bags, trash bags, and suffocation, and getting myself suffocated, they just quit talking to me. But not everyone is into plastic though, and some just don't understand. Then there are some that have unfortunately lost loved ones because of such play. But those that lost loved ones, usually, that person was alone and playing alone. But nuff about th

How possessive is my boyfriend of me? Well, he don't read my emails and I don't read his emails. This is my email account, so only I am the only one that reads the emails that come here, so go ahead and let me know what you'd like to do with that bag over my head. Hell, who knows, maybe I have a better idea than what you come up with? To put it in better terms, my boyfriend don't care who I talk to, or what I talk to them about. Just as long as they don't show up at the front door, then he's pretty cool with me talking to others about what I do and what I am into and such.

Basically, he's pretty alright with just about anything. The thing with him is, he don't bag. That is to say, he don't bag himself or get into bagging. But he will bag me, if I ask. But, I have to ask him to bag me first. He won't just bag me just for the hell of it. I have to actually ask him to bag me first before he will bag me. Which, is cool with me, because the majority of the time, I like to bag myself, because I figure, if I fuck up, it's my fault. Whereas, if he bags me, and something happens to me, then he's to blame. So I'd much rather be the one at fault, than him.

Would be awesome of your new lady friend to get into the silky smooth and soft world of plastic. But from the sounds of what you have mentioned of her, she seems like she's going to like plastic a lot and really enjoy it to its fullest. I sometimes take smaller trash bags, such as the 33 or 39 gallon trash bags, and turn them into dresses or skirts and tops or even bikinis. Which, I of course, just wear them around the house when my boyfriend is around or even when he's not around. I haven't tried wearing them under my regular street clothes yet, but have thought about it many times.


For right now, I am getting the urge to be tied up tightly, gagged, and sealed air tight in a black plastic 55 gallon trash bag for about 20 to 25 mins. I like the trash bag to get really good and skin tight all around my body and face before I beg to be let out. Good way to suffocate. :)


Anyways, chat with ya later.



I know very well a lot of women who are into plastic don't admit it.

You mentioned being gagged with a 13 gallon bag. Those are of much softer/thinner plastic. Do you ball up some/all of the bag and have it forced into your mouth, or is it more cleave gagging? Do you find that different colored plastic tastes/smells/feels/retains heat differently?

I've scared many people off, too, but hearing of your tastes and turnons, I have to smile. Damn these 800 miles!! And, though your boyfriend is respectful of your online friendships, I've no idea how he'd react to you enjoying some free play with me, no matter how non possessive I am.


I've been into plastic enclosure since I was 3 years old. My new kitten liked to sleep next to me, so there had to be a clear plastic mattress protector, which I immediately began sliding under naked, imagining someone touching me from the other side.

Better idea? Oh ho, competition. Okay, I just envisioned a 69, both of us bagged, with our heads secured in place with plastic wrap from outside the bags. Or the two of us vacuum bagged in that position.

You have to ask him first for him to bag you. I would not have that problem. In my coat pocket I carry a small plastic bag holding two 72 inch dry cleaning bags, a pair or two of rubber gloves, and a few condoms. 

I've bagged myself and women I'm with, and been bagged, long enough, and am in tune enough, for things to reach the edge of panic, but not fall off it into danger. That means really paying attention to the other person, being aware of and wanting what feels good for them.

One of the women I play with has gotten to where I can bag her, and she will get wet from anticipation alone, with me touching her only slightly, or not at all sexually. It's very intimate, and maybe that's something your boyfriend is unable to understand. You're trusting him with your next breath. That is a =huge= gift!

My new lady friend  recently joined me in a plastic bath. It's something I've done since age 14. Get inside two dry cleaning bags and submerge myself underwater while I masturbate. Only this time I joined two 6 foot bags together, so once I was inside and the open end of the bag was pulled all the way up, there would be no way for me to reach it, and she would be responsible for whatever air I received. We kept it up (haha) for around 40 minutes, until my body felt all floaty and heavy from oxygen starvation. Dreamy and electric feeling too. 

We kissed a lot through the bag, and I suggested we kiss more like that. She even asked if she should start carrying a bag around with her, and I countered that she should be prepared to bag me capriciously - out of nowhere! - and start kissing me. She seems warmed to the idea.  

 Ah, the warm, full bodied kiss of an airless plastic bag. Talk about intimate.



I don't know of any women that are into plastic that don't admit it. The women that I do know that are into plastic, already admit it. Which, to be honest, is not very many of them at all. There really needs to be more women getting informed and into the exciting world of both plastic bags, and suffocation from plastic bags. Its a lot of fun, and its something that you can keep doing over and over again and again. Just don't let the kids see ya doing it, at least not till they are old enough to understand.

Ah, being gagged with a 13 gallon trash bag. Yes, you are right, they are much softer plastic, and very thin too. The way I am gagged with the 13 gallon trash bag, is that I open it up, then I flatten it out length wise, to get all the air out of the bag, then I put a knot in the middle of the bag, then put the knot in my mouth, and tie the trash bag behind my head. So that way, I can still breathe through my nose, but I cant talk. I have tried balling the whole bag up, and forcing it in my mouth, and yeah that does work quite well too. But in order for it to stay in my mouth, I have to put a piece of duct tape over my lips. If I don't, then I have a habit of pushing the bag out with my tongue eventually while I am in the process of being suffocated either by a head bag or while I am totally enclosed in a 55 gallon black plastic trash bag.

As for the different colored plastic bags, I don't really know how different they taste, smell, feel or retain heat. I have only used, clear head bags, 13 gallon white trash bags, and of course my all time favorite, 55 gallon 3 mils thick black plastic trash bags. There is one thing that I do know though, and that is that every time you open a plastic bag, say, a trash bag for example. The smell you smell as soon as you open that bag, is actually the plastic itself from being melted and processed, along with the chemicals that they use in the plastic.

Well, as for free play with you, I don't have a problem with it at all.

Now my boyfriend on the other hand, I honestly don't know how he would react to that. Even though, its not like you are going to be sitting beside me or anything like that, it would be just simple over the net goofing around type of stuff. I don't know if he would allow me to do that or not. I don't see why he wouldn't, but then again, I can't read his mind either. Sometimes I wish I could, and other times, I am glad that I can't.<

Wow, you started playing with plastic at a very early age then. Me, I started playing with black plastic trash bags when I was 12. How that came to be, was one nite, I was taking the trash out to the curb for collection the next morning. Well, while I was outside and walking to the curb, the trash bags kept rubbing against my legs and making it hard for me actually walk. But I noticed how I liked the feel of the smooth and very soft plastic on my skin. So, when I got back in the house, I snuck a 55 gallon trash bag to my room, which then, I stripped down, and proceeded to open the trash bag. I got inside, sat down, pulled the trash bag up my body and over my head, and gathered up the opening, and sealed it with a zip tie, making it air tight with myself inside. I loved it in there, and soon, I started panting, and gasping for air, which I soon realized, that I was starting to suffocate due to lack of oxygen. I loved that too, that I was getting low on oxygen, and that I was actually starting to suffocate. Ever since then, I have been doing it. Yeah, I did get busted by my mom a few times doing it, but while she never really said that I could do it, she never really said that I couldn't do it either. Just more along the lines of, "if you do it, keep it in your room, and if you suffocate, that's your tough shit."

Hmm, your idea is pretty cool. I like both ideas that you had. I did have a similar idea of the 69 style you mentioned. I also thought too, you could do like what my boyfriend does to me a lot.


Tie me up, gag me, then seal me air tight in a black plastic trash bag, then wait for me to deflate the trash bag and use up most of my oxygen, about 10 to 15 mins in there. Then, make a hole where ya want to, and have sex with me while I struggle inside my trash bag, and gasp for air, and writhe around in pleasure as I suffocate.

Well, yeah I do have to ask him first to bag me. I can bag myself anytime I want, but I have to ask him first to bag me. Which, I am the one that made up that rule. Reason? Well, if I bag myself, and I suffocate and die, its my fault. If he bags me, and I screw up, and suffocate too soon and die, then hes going to prison. But also too, it lets him know that I am ready to be bagged how ever he wants to bag me, and with whatever bag he chooses to use on me. Yes I agree with you on being aware of the person that is bagged, and paying attention to what they are trying to tell you. Me, I do go far enough to start to panic, but I don't actually let myself go so far, that I passout. I have come close to passing out, but I don't want to actually pass out. Mainly because that is when it can kill you, either suffocation itself, or cardiac arrest or heart attack or whatever. But yeah, when my boyfriend bags me, or I bag myself, I make sure that he understands the signs and the way I act while I am bagged so that he knows its time to remove the bag or at least give me an air hole.

I do get wet when a plastic bag touches my head and face, or my whole entire body if I am in a trash bag. I agree that I don't think my boyfriend really realizes just how important it is to me to be able to trust him to bag me, or let me bag myself. Its not only trusting him with my next breath, but its also trusting him with my life. Esp, if I am tied up, and gagged with either a clear bag over my head or I am totally enclosed inside a trash bag. Either way, I don't think he quite understands just how much trust I really have to have in him to do this sort of play.

I haven't done the bath bagging yet. I have thought about it, but not too sure about the idea of being inside a plastic bag and then being submerged underwater. I guess it would be a lot of fun, and one things for sure. The weight of the water would definitely make sure that the plastic bag that you are in, will nicely tighten down around your whole entire body and head and face and everywhere else.

Like I tell my boyfriend, clear bags that we use to put over my head, they give me nice gentle and warm and very soft kisses on my cheeks. Telling me that its not so bad to have the bag over my head, and that I am really getting off on not having anymore air coming into my lungs, other than whats in my bag. The same goes for my trash bags, except since my whole body and head is in the trash bag, and the trash bag is gathered up, and sealed air tight above my head. Its actually hugging my whole body and kissing me gently on my cheeks and mouth too. Also telling me that its not so bad to be in there using up m air supply, and that once the trash bag is sealed air tight, in about 20 to 25 minutes, I will be let out for fresh air and a cigarette. Like I said, I like to let the trash bag get really tight all around my whole body and face, where it restricts all or any movement except for me being able to bend at my waist, but not giving me any chance of getting out anytime too soon.



Old enough to understand. The one woman I met who had any history with bagging before me used to, as a toddler, suffocate herself with a dry cleaning bag until she saw lights. She wouldn't stop no matter how much her mother screamed. She lost touch with that part of herself shortly thereafter, and never connected the dots with the sexual side... until I came along. She was great fun to play with. She loved (so did I) when I'd take her from behind, slip a bag over her head, twist and twist the free end, and wrench it back with all my strength as I slammed into her and counted to 100. Too bad she became possessive, and jealous of my other playmate. This woman is the one who now gets wet from being bagged.

To my experience, many women into bagging are lesbians. Either that came first, or the bagging, for the simple reason that they cannot, WILL not, trust a man to decide when they will be able to breathe again.

Ah, that makes sense. The knot in the middle of the bag would make a neat ball gag. Necessity -is- the mother of Invention.

One of the best things about walking around the city is visiting different neighborhoods and sampling the varied 55 gallon bags they use as part of their Business Improvement Districts. Each is a different color, imprinted all over one side with a different graphic. Times Square. Greenwich Village. Lincoln Center. I would take two of these bags, join them together, take the end of a vacuum hose inside with me, rubberband it tight from the inside, and switch it on...

I have lots of videotaped footage - of myself alone, and with different women. My memory's always been crappy, and I make it clear from the onset that I need something to hold onto, to remind myself it really happened. It's also another way to take the guesswork out of things. When I meet up with a woman who is interested in what I do "with all that plastic", I'm prepared. Picture's worth a thousand words, and all that.

Ah, that New Plastic Smell. I used to think there should be a brand of perfume with that scent. I still do. I'd have gone crazy over it. It's instantly recognizable.

By free play, I meant actually playing with you, in person. I've no desire to change your life, or to shatter what you've built. Slowness to bag or not, there's obviously a reason you're with him. It'd take a lot of trust to accept you sharing that kind of play with me,  trust that he may not be capable of. I know my new playmate plays with other men. I'm not concerned in the slightest, because I know she's sane, and way too committed to herself to mess with a good thing - the trust growing between us.

Yes, I had an early start, and was fortunate to have a female playmate close at hand for some early experimentation. One of my fondest memories - I was 14 or 15, she was 11 or 12 - was when I had her sit on the headrest of the livingroom sofa with legs spread, as I approached from below, and ate her out with a plastic bag over my head. You want magic? THAT was MAGIC.


Wow, your mom was really supportive of you, haha. No, really. Saying it was your responsibility was empowering, in its own way. What an epiphany you must have had!! A round of applause for stripping down before you got inside the bag - BRAVO!!!

The 10-15 minutes of suffocation, then fucking through a hole in an airless bag - I've done that on several occasions. Including, most recently, binding her hands behind her back with clear tape over her rubber gloves, and sealing her in a 6 foot long dry cleaning bag, her air running out as I took my time wrapping up in a plastic wrap bodysuit. Oh, she was whimpering and begging to be released by the time I was wrapped - but she was also turned on, and very wet.

"Airless plastic kiss..." - pure poetry.


He doesn't read your emails, hmm? How'd you like one of my favorite photos of myself, from when I was 17 or 18? Here it is. Ever played with Banana Bags? In this photo, I'm in one. You can find them here: Just click on "Banana Bags" to the left. 

Wow, you instantly understand the appeal of a plastic bath. That is neat. Can you feel me grinning?

You really do know what you're talking about. Damn. Damn these 800 miles.



As a toddler? Sheesh, that's really young. Never heard of anyone getting into plastic suffocation at that young of age before. Shit, I wish I had started that young. I love having the bag pulled over my head and then having the free end behind my head being twisted and twisted till its nice and tight. Therefore making the bag nice and air tight for me so I can suffocate. My boyfriend has a unique way of making sure that the bag over my head is nice and tight, and also, very secure and air tight for me. What he does, is after he pulls the bag over my head, he will take the free end of the bag, and pull it as tight as he can behind my head, then twist it a few times. Then, take a nylon zip tie, and cinch the bag secure behind my head. Normally, he would put the handcuffs behind my back, but then, I would be able to reach up my back, and tug on the nylon zip tie, and therefore, open the bag too soon. So to stop this, he handcuffs my wrists in front of me. Then uses a piece of rope, to keep my hands down by my knees and secures the rope to my ankle cuffs. Therefore, I cant reach up and poke a hole in the bag, and I can't get my head far enough down, to use my fingers to help pull the bag away from my face so that I can get the little bit of air left in the corners of the bag.

Lesbians, yeah I know of a couple of lesbians myself. But they aren't into bagging. I actually tried to be a lesbian once. I was 14 years old when I decided to try being a lesbian. It worked for about 2 years, but then I realized that Id much rather a cock than some gals pussy. Would have been better if the gal I was with was into bagging, but she wasn't, and I couldn't get her into it. But, she died about 3 years after we stopped seeing each other. She committed suicide, with what of all things? Yep, you guessed it, a plastic bag over her head and her hands cuffed behind her back, laying on her bed naked.

Hmm, couldn't get her into plastic bagging, but she turns around uses a plastic bag to suffocate her life away from herself. Why not? Yeah the knot in the middle of the bag is a lot better. Sure, I do have a couple of ball gags, but they are either made of rubber, or hard plastic. A trash bag ball gag however, is nice and soft on my lips, and easy on my

teeth, and tastes a lot better than rubber. Also too, the trash bag gag, you just throw it away when your done with it, whereas the ball gags, you gotta wash them when your done too. 

Much easier on my jaws, teeth, lips, and simpler to just use a trash bag ball gag, and throw it away, rather than a hard plastic or rubber ball gag. Which, either, its too hard on my teeth, or it hurts my jaws like a motherfucker. Of course, it don't feel too great either when I tie the trash bag behind my head and I get a few of my hairs in the knot of the trash bag, then I rip those hairs out of my head when I take the gag out of my mouth and off my head.

Hmm, vacuum inside a trash bag. I have done this many times, but I haven't actually taken the hose in with me before. I have had my boyfriend do this to me. Reason being, is that its easier for him to seal the opening of the trash bag around the hose while I'm inside the trash bag, and then, after the vacuum sucks all the air out of my trash bag, and the trash bag is nice and skin tight all around me, he can then close the trash bag under the hose, and seal it. Therefore, its still nice and air tight for me, and I have absolutely no air in my trash bag. Which he takes many advantages of rubbing my plastic covered breasts and pussy thru the trash bag while I'm inside trying to have an orgasm, and also trying to get air, but also loving the fact that I am suffocating rapidly.

I don't have any video taped footage. Like my boyfriend says, he don't need any pics or vid clips of me bagged up in which ever way that I am bagged up. Why? Because, each time is a bit different than the last, and besides, he's got free front row seats to watch me struggle and writhe about and listen to me gasp and suffocate.

I tell you what, the new plastic smell, I agree should be a perfume of some type. If they had a perfume with that new plastic smell, Id wear it all the time. Just, Id love to see a perfume out there that has that perfect new plastic bag smell.

Ah, hmm, playing with me in person huh? EEEYeahhhhh. Really, honestly, I don't have a problem with it, Id be up for it. But I don't think he would go for it. If I was single, Id take you up on your offer right now. But since I am not single, and the fact that there's something called Pennsylvania in the way, I don't think it would work out too good. Really, thats the problem hes got, and that is he is slow to bag me. Hes not slow at all to tie me up and gag me, but to bag me up, whether in a trash bag, or put a clear bag over my head, its a different story. But once he does have me bagged up, hes completely into it that I am suffocating, and he encourages me to use up my air, and to beg to be released from inside the trash bag or to take the bag off my head.

He does take his time though, to remove the bag, but its good that once I am bagged, that he really enjoys watching me suffocate, and even having sex with me while I am suffocating. I do agree that it does take a lot of trust, to trust him with my next breath of either air, or plastic. I am not too sure that he understands how much trust I have in him to seal that bag air tight either above my head, or around my neck. But either way, its not something that I would trust just anyone to do to me.

I mean, there are people out there that would probably bag me up, then just leave me like that to suffocate and die. At least you as far as I know, and him aren't going to tie me up, gag me, and bag me up then leave me to die.To tell you the truth, and I have told my boyfriend this too. If I ever did die from suffocation, I want my body put into a 55 gallon trash bag, like the ones I play with inside of, and sealed shut air tight, and I want

my body put out with the other bags of trash, and taken to the landfill and buried there.

Really actually, in a way, my mom was supportive of me to let me do something that I was really turned on to doing to myself. I mean, when she told me that if I am going to do it, to keep it in my room and private, and if I die from it, its my tough shit, that really says a lot. I cant think of too many moms out there that would let their son or daughter go ahead with bagging themselves, and telling them that if they die from it, too bad for them. Sure, my mom knew that I was in my bedroom bagging myself, and that I was having fun doing it. At the same time though, if I had gotten trapped inside the trash bag somehow, or not have been able to get the bag off my head for some reason, I would have been in some serious shit, and I wouldn't be here right now. So yeah, on one hand, it was exciting to have that privilege to bag myself however I pleased, but on the other hand, once I was bagged up, my mom wasn't going to help me out of my situation. Nor was she ever going to help me bag myself either. Which, that I can understand.

Lol at the round of applause. Well, even if I hadn't stripped down before getting in that trash bag that nite, I would have done it eventually anyways. So either way, by stripping down, I found that it was much better to be nude when going inside a trash bag for a session of suffocation.

Ya know, the idea of 10 to 15 minutes of suffocating inside a trash bag, then getting fucked thru a hole in my bag was brought up by my boyfriend. It was about a year ago, I was nicely tied up, and gagged and having a great time suffocating in my trash bag. I had been in there for about 15 minutes, when he made me lay down on my back. It was then, he made a small hole for himself where my pussy was at, and then he stuck his erect cock thru the hole, making it air tight again. I tell you what, that was the best sex I have ever had. I really loved it, and I got to suffocate at the same time too. He told me right before he started doing me, that I wasn't getting out or getting anymore air, till he came. He came after I had 2 orgasms, and was working on having a 3rd.

Banana bags huh? I have heard of them, and have seen them, but have never played with them before. I am thinking about getting some of them, and seeing how it feels to be inside one of them and seeing how long it would take for me to suffocate inside on of them. But of course, I would make sure that I was nicely tied up and gagged before I was put in there and having my boyfriend gather up the top, and zip tie it nice and air tight for me. I looked at the site, and I think I am going to get some of the 40" by 72" size ones. I'm 5'6", so the 72" ones would be suitable for me to be inside of. Better than sitting in a 55 gallon trash bag, but hey, I like to sit in the trash bags too. It's just nice to come home from work, and grab a 55 gallon trash bag, open it up, strip down, put my ankle and wrist cuffs on, get inside, sit down, and close it air tight and suffocate my stress away from the day's work. By the way, nice pic you have there, and a really nice one you have between your legs. 

Too bad I couldn't have been inside that bag with you, where I could be on my knees and had that in my mouth. Sure, Id give ya a nice smokey blowjob and hey, I swallow even.

It's nice to know that there is yet another person out there, that understands my fetish for bags over my head, or for wanting to be inside 55 gallon, 3 mils thick, smooth, soft, crinkly, sexy black plastic trash bags. Its nice to know that there are so many people out there with the plastic fetish. Long before the internet came around, I thought I was the only one into this sort of thing.

Well, for now, I am going to grab me a nice thick black plastic trash bag, get inside, have my boyfriend seal it for me, and have a good long suffocation session, and possibly sex too after I am in there long enough. I love the sound of myself suffocating along with the rustling and crinkling of the beautiful and sexy plastic with the sound of me gasping for air. So lovely, intoxicating, and yet ever so deadly, but it's worth it. Just like Maybeliene. (the makeup, maybeliene...) they say, "because you're worth it, maybelieve... It's the makeup that I wear, and I wear Revlon lipsticks, usually pink...and the perfume I wear is Pink from Victoria Secret, along with the smell of cigarettes all over my clothes and hair...Yeah I know, I stink..BUt the plastic helps me smell good again :))



Yes, S started very young. As young as I was when I slid under that plastic mattress protector. I'm happy to have reawakened her love of bagging, reminding her of such simple pleasures as listening to your eyelashes brushing the inside of the bag every time you blink.


The ziptie sounds neat, but I would never do handcuffs. Not into mixed media. No ropes, for example. Any restraints would also have to be plastic, or else rubber.

"Try to be a lesbian". I have to chuckle at that. "Sorry, girls, but it ain't workin out - see ya!

Damn. That is sad about your friend. I'm sure you flashed that, had you gotten her into bagging, it may have saved her life.


Ripping out of an airless bag is exhilarating!! During my teens I'd make a new bag twice a week by joining three white kitchen bags, work myself over as the air ran out, and rip the bag to shreds as I broke free. Every inch of my body felt so tingly, so alive!

I could never give up videotaping myself and my partners. Memory is so fleeting, and circumstances change. Have you ever wanted to see what you look like from outside the bag, when you're inside? For me, there's also the advantage of introducing new women to my tastes. My footage is very private, and sharing it is a measure of trust. That's the reason I take photos, also. Like the one I sent you.

E  plays with me when I am vacuum bagged, but H may also warm to the idea. H is younger than I, by two years, and more forceful.

Catching a whiff of a woman who smells like a dry cleaner's... !!!! I don't really talk to people on the street, but a woman like that I would HAVE to compliment!

I always combine suffocation with sex. I keep a plastic bag within reach, then slowly bring it into view, opening it and sliding it up E's back while she's riding me, letting her know what's coming. She makes no move to avoid it, just closes her eyes slightly and gets all quiet, even tilting her head slightly so the bag will slip over her easy. Sometimes she even tugs the bag down herself, eager to be sealed inside.

Suffocate the stress away... don't you know it. I've no idea how I'd have survived college, otherwise. I had a tight rubber hood that was my favorite. I'd pull it on, and either bag myself over it, or pile some pillows on top of my head and smother that way. When I got out, everything made a little more sense.


You enjoy seeing me tuned on, vacuumed into that banana bag. And such sweet words about what's between my legs! If you only saw how widely I'm smiling now. And to have you there inside with me. Yum.


I've vacuum bagged while having sex, with myself and lady friend inside the bag together. I've used banana bags, or joined two christmas tree disposal bags together, or made a huge bag from clear tape and a plastic dropcloth. Having the airless bag glue our bodies together while I am inside of her, restricting our movements, and those glorious moments when we both forget where the end of the vacuum hose is, as the plastic seals us tight!

Before I had a camcorder, I used to make cassette tapes of myself slowly suffocating, rolling back and forth a the bag grew closer. I still fall asleep sometimes, listening to them. I've known women whom I've asked to make similar tapes for me, but things never survived long enough for them to come through. Do you feel that's something we may grow to share? Since I'm not storming over there and stealing you away, flung over my shoulder in a black contractor's bag... I'm in no hurry. I know trust takes time. But the offer is open. I'd gladly send something in return. I've more photos, too, if you'd like.

Part of the charge of sex while bagged is knowing you will never get out until you come. It reminds you why you're there - never lets you forget. I know how my mind can wander when I'm having sex. It won't shut up! But in an airless plastic world, there is only one thing to think of, or two. Fucking, and suffocating.

I've been reading, and answering, your email in stages. And I just got to where you say you'd be in the banana bag with me, on your knees, and take me inside your mouth!!! I believe you'd make me damn near the happiest man alive. So sweet.. damn, my eyes are getting misty. *That* sounds beautiful.

Spent last night with E. Couldn't find a bag handy, so as she was riding me, I grabbed a roll of plastic wrap, which *was* handy, and started wrapping around our upper bodies, from our heads down. We ended up anchored together, heads on each other's shoulders, rebreathing diminishing amounts of fresh air, tightly wrapped down to our knees. Lovely.

The main appeal of plastic wrap is you can wrap or be wrapped in any configuration or position. Though I understand your never getting into it. Bagging is so much more fun, in that it's ready made enclosure. Just flick the bag open and step inside. No minutes of wrapping and preparation. There's also the element of surprise. I'd love to get together with you and spend a whole day ambushing each other. For example, you'd be in the shower, and I'd have a 6 foot dry cleaning bag ready. Your back turned, hair wet and hanging in your eyes. I'd gather the bag up, pull it over your head and yank it down the rest of your body. The plastic would cling -instantly- to your wet skin, you'd struggle, losing your balance, and I'd ease you gently to the floor..... you can guess what comes next (cums?). 


Yeah, and that's my reason for playing with and inside of sexy black plastic 55 gallon trash bags! I love them, and they love me. They love to hug me, really tight, and they love to kiss me. Hmm, a dry cleaning bag huh? After I shower even. That could get interesting. Just wish my boyfriend would bag me up in a trash bag after I get done in the shower. He loves to watch me struggle and suffocate, and he knows I love being bagged. But why he wont I don't know.



Being bagged in the shower is wonderful, because the plastic =instantly= clings to your skin, restricts your movement, and cuts off pathways for incoming air. It would have to be a 72 inch bag, though, so it could be pulled down past your toes and tied shut, and you could stretch and kick all you'd want, only succeeding in making the bag stickier.


Your boyfriend likely won't bag you then because this is a learned behavior for him. To  really be engaged and involved with what's happening, you can't just enjoy watching. You have to truly understand and share the feeling of being bagged. It's then that you constantly come up with new things to do, not only because you want to see them, but because you want to EXPERIENCE them!

H says the idea of bagging me in my sleep is really starting to turn her on. I'd not experienced this before, partly because it was something *for me*, and not also for the woman I was with. He enjoys watching you, yes, but can he get hard just from bagging you, without having to touch himself? He'd have to understand, and *want*, what you're feeling (for himself) for it to be -real-.


One of the best experiences is to be bagged together, to truly share each other's space, and each other's breath. Imagine, both of us in the same bag, the same plastic trap. Both turned on, both on the verge of panic! Some of the most explosive sex I've had has been in this situation.

You're lucky to have found someone who likes to do things, and likes to watch. But it's also good to have someone who truly appreciates the gift you've given.

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