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hi love your profile! i love enclosure too especially hoods - i have quite collection, and love gags too. if you like to mail my mail is A…..

hope to speak soon! 

all my love 

H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo




Yes, quite fond of hoods myself. Gearing up to buy a pair of latex breath control hoods, but they are prohibitively expensive, and I just sunk a few hundred dollars into expanding my wardrobe of zentai bodysuits, ranging from large to XXL to fit any size partner. Music and sex are the things that matter most to me, and take up much of my time and paycheck.

Good of you to respond to my ad; I frequently attract women from your part of the world, but none dare approach me, as I too closely resemble your devil.

Barring a bit of globehopping we'll sadly be little more than online friends, but to start you off on the right track see some of my other friends at




hi Sir

lovely thanks you for your kind reply!  yes the site is great - kind of thing i like. i think we must stay friends because i am married here (his name H and he's bit older than me ) and we also live with sister N who stay with us while she finish school here (mother is in family town, and father dead few years ago)

sorry for my bad english i am learning!

yes i love sensery deprivation hoods and things maybe because i am arabique - we must be covered outside, and i grow fetishe for this. i think lots of girls have this here but not many express or even know it.  im lucky because H very experience (he used live in europe and knows bd scene very well) and he help me a lot.  H have lots of intrests especial restraintes and bd furniture... but im just learn.  its so nice to chat to man who knows all about this, you Sir!

thanks you again for so kind reply, hope to hear from you soon,

all my love

H xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo




I always felt it would be wonderful to meet a woman who had developed a fetish for enclosure as direct result of being required to be veiled in public. I would fashion an underhijaab of thin, whisper soft plastic for her to wear under her normal covering. I would use ctmas tree storage bags, since the plastic is very thin, quiet, soft and deceptively comfortable. There are several 'veiled' groups on Yahoo, but many or all bar men from joining; your intuition that many arabique girls share your love for total enclosure is evidently not shared by the moderators of these groups. I have only posted to one, in a message titled "Under the Plastic Veil", seeking a woman whom I would videotape dancing, or simply doing normal household tasks, within a full plastic hijaab.  Here is an article I found some time ago (note the warning about suffocation): 

So you see I've given this a bit of thought. But how does one such as myself, given the opposition of our two cultures, approach a girl like you and get her into a plastic bag? Such is my dilemma.

Married. Hmm. How private is your time online? What we will share will be pleasing, but could also be dangerous. Love is precious, and can only live in truth, to oneself.



hi Sir

 thanks so so much for kind reply! what you saying is so intresting....

well i dont know how you can find other girl like this! i think there must be lots but maybe shy to speak.  maybe you can look for girl in america where she is more western and can explore self like this with you? i hope you find it!

H and i married for 89 months now. it was little arranged but this is normal for islam and luckily it work out very well so far.  his family knew mine long time and i knew him some years first. i knew he really like bd but i also like goth things and bd things since teen so our intrests come together really well for this.  it good too because it was financial very hard for me as teen because my father die and lots of stress for mother but H has good job.  he treat my sister N who live with us too like daughter very kind... he buy her clothes and music and cigaretes and what she want and i very very lucky for this i think! N also has fetishes but i think not for you sadly because she already engaged and marry soon! (girls marry yunger here i think than with you?)

article very intresting!  not possible here though because bag is clear and idea of covering is men cant see you when you out!  actually i do wear thing under covering when i go out (just to shops because i am housewife now, no work or study) and H like to give instructions.  i think this very sexy because when i go out i know what i wear under and i remember H tell me and i feel really exited!  i think many other islamic woman do this, maybe not for fetishe but for stockings and like this... but they often probably shy to talk about!

i love wear hoods in house we have 2 plastic and 2 leather one.  i prefer leather because not so hot and feel more sensuel a little rough and love H to lace on at back... great feeling actually being prepare is better than wear i think! we also use gags too but i just getting used to these at first i always want to be sick when wear so we stop for a while but now getting better.

well my time online quite free because H at work. actually now N at home but i share fantasie with her so no problem. but H check all my mails (i can delete though if necessarie!) and he very protective... i think he beat me if he find i am bad - but we can have good friendship and i really really love your mail and its hard to find someone to talk about my experience with (i think you are first man who write to me so sensitive - only other people i write about this are girls i met online)

love to talk really hope to hear soon,

all my love

H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (yes it my real name too! it mean 'ring' in arabique, and 'N' mean flower i don't know name of in english!)




I have found perhaps a dozen girls and women to share my interests with over the years; the Suffocation Sisters on my site are two I am involved with now. Only once did I meet a woman who had some history of involvement in my interests; as a child she used to suffocate herself with a plastic dry cleaning bag until she saw flashes of light. All other times I have introduced women I have had to a whole new world of sensuality - this is why I chose the name Instructor. 

I am glad to know you have been wearing fetish garments under your outdoor clothes. Last winter I gave one of my woman friends a set of black rubber underwear to wear when she went to work. Aside from enjoying the sensation, she said it kept her quite warm! 

I agree much pleasure comes from preparing for a session. The heat of passion from wrapping, suiting up et cetera, knowing that sex is the sole object, can be difficult to contain. One friend now grows moist simply from my suffocating her, because she knows it is an element of foreplay.

I find leather to be rather impersonal compared to rubber and plastic - good for discipline, but not for intimacy. 

I am not very surprised at being the first man you feel you can talk to openly about this; many men are predatory and fixated on fantasy, while I have little use for fantasy, and instead do what I desire rather than dream about it. I therefore am not 'urgent', and though it is very serious to me I am able to treat it as play. 

It is good you can trust N, and are free during the day. I had wanted to send you photos of myself, but was not sure how closely you are watched. 


hi Sir 

thanks for so kind reply!  sorry i take long to answer... we move house in two weeks and yesterday very very busy and no time to use internet. sorry Sir! : 

 good news you have found girls who like this! are suffocation sisters your girlfriends now? i think it very importante to have partner who shares intrests... it makes life much more fun. actually i have thing for hoods and being closed but H more general bd, but slowly we meet and share fantasies.  (by way i checked old mail i sent you sorry Sir i make big mistake i say we are married 89 months actually only 9 months i hit two keys at once!) but still i feel shy with some fantasies and things i want and i only tell one of my girlfrinds onlne and N of course... maybe problem is H is so dominante like many men here and i need time for courage to tell him my needs. but bd is fine with me and we have share areas... i love corsets (still get used to wear though just for hour still ... one of my friends says she wears for 10 hours day but this is hard for me to imagine!) and boots too. N big big fan of boots and she wearsalways in house (i think it can look bit silly if always in house!) but  i think they are beautiful with stockings and leather skirt - H really like leather so we wear most in house.  i see what you say about plastic - more close, but H very likes disipline, so always choose leather. maybe i can persuade him to get more plastic and rubber!  i think rubber very sexy actually but we dont have much.  

intresting you talk about woman who have fantasie from childhood - it is same with me, from when i was about 6, but only really realise it recently and explore now when i am married.  i dont think N has this she mainly copy big sister and her husband but that is normal!  maybe i can tell you my childhood experience? it is hard though because i not even tell H yet and only N know, and my best friend online. i still feel very shy.  

thanks for so kind reply Sir, it lovely always to hear from you and i think i can learn a lot!  

all my love to you 

H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



hi Sir

 yes Sir i think after read your mail now about preperation time... it is best time! actually for me best time is just last 10 minutes before.  normally i sit at dressing table and look at self in mirror it is great to see self before hooding and sometimes i make funny face and play with mouth before prepere!  i alsways have last cigarete and that is amazing... i want to smoke slow to keep time for freedom first, but also want to begin.  H normal puts hood open on table so i see it and think about it while wait. normally i move to other chair and H or N put hood on from behind and i not see it or them this is really exciting, especially when H do because i feel elctric and love tighten of laces.  best feeling! 

 all my love, thinking of you Sir 

 H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



I just received your mails, as I have spent the last two days visiting two good friends. The second is M, whose album is on my site. Last night I punched two arm holes into a clear plastic bag, slipped it over her head with her own arms holding it in place, then  pulled a large black plastic bag up her body to her shoulders and wound clear packing tape around the top of the bag to keep it in place, videotaping her as she ran out of air and began struggling inside the plastic. M has gotten good at controlling her breath, so she was able to last a long time. For example, I have pulled a six foot long plastic dry cleaning bag over her hrad and down her body to the floor, and then wrapped her in plastic from her feet up to her shoulders - over her hands and arms so she could not pull the bag away - and she has lasted up to 15 minutes! The last few minutes have been total panic for her, and when I have told her to break free she has been too weak from oxygen deprivation, but her struggle is quite sweet, and she is always aroused by her time under plastic. Last night when she could take no more I ripped off the black bag, but kept the clear bag over her head as she got on top of me. M's upbringing was very traditional, and in the five years we have been together I continue to present new variations on Total Enclosure and breathplay. 

It warms my heart thinking of your sister putting on your hood from behind. When I was a child I shared that same closeness with my sister, but she has changed much since then,  I miss being able to show her all that here is of myself. This is a world in which few are trustworthy, and the absence of that trust can be difficult to endure. You say I am lucky to have found women to share my tastes, but you are also lucky to have a sister with whom to share yours. 



No apologies needed. I have not been home for two days, and will not return until late tomorrow night, as I am spending tonight with L. Girlfriend is not a word I use. Whenever a partner has tried to use it with me, it has always been about ownership, and my heart owns and is owned by no one. I am at my happiest when I have multiple independent partners. They keep their lives, and I keep mine. When I was 24-25 I had five women whose bed I could share, ranging in age from 19 to 59. I am not boasting. This was simply the situation I found myself in, and it was healthy for everyone involved, as each one knew I was not going to pick a favorite, but all fit different parts of me. 

Domination can easily become a prison for whomever is in the dominant role. Sensuality by its very nature is fluid, and roles by their nature restrictive. I told a female friend from another part of the country about you, and she had some unkind words to say about your husband; I replied he is but a traditional male of your society, though I agree being a man under Islam who is into sexual domination is somewhat redundant. 

My finding partners who are open to expermenting with things I enjoy has been a direct result of my openness about them. Though it is true I have driven many women away, I have had fulfilling and at times long lasting involvements with those who have chosen to stay. This is why I have little sympathy for men from cultures more open than yours who say things like, "I've been married for five years, and I wish my wife would _____ , but I don't know how to tell her."

Corsets take time to get used to. Your friend who says she can wear one for 10 hours may have been practicing for as many years. 

Plastic is more adaptible and much less expensive, especially if one is talking about plastic wrap and bags. It is easy to fashion, say, a plastic cocoon or bodysuit, and without ill consequence to rip out of an enclosure bag one has fashioned out of plastic dropcloths. Women I have spoken to over the internet agree that ripping out of a cheaply constructed plastic enclosure bag, wherein one has been confined/restrained/denied breathable air, is full of excitement and enjoyment. After such stifling confinement, every inch of bare skin sings with feeling. 

Plastic is also a great medium for transmitting sensation. Every movement reminds you your body is completely covered, as the plastic clings to your skin, and stretches as you do. I call this a sensual echo. Rubber is also very good, but delicate and expensive. 

I would love to hear of your childhood experience, and in turn will tell you of mine. I am thankful you feel you can trust me with feelings so close to your heart.




Hi Sir

 thanks again so so much for lovely emails! i think you are most sensitive man and love to talk to you! really do. 

 Well my childhood storie... (great to be able to tell i not tell even H yet!) when i 6 mother take me to visit antie in jaile just outside town here of dimashq siria. I remember all so clearly!  When we visit she was wearing hood, I don’t know why (still not really know, but I think so she not speak to us) and mother just hold her hand then we left. That was all! But after time I started have nightmares and get worse and worse – mother never take me again. Then later when I was 12 or 13 I started have exiting dreams about it. I thought of meeting antie and then later also being her. It became exiting but also scarie and this mix was like obsession. 

 Yes its lovely when N hood me… at first I bit uneasy, because I really love feeling of H stand behind me, but N gives a special feeling.  She play with my hair and comb it so it comes through hole in hood properly, and always check I am feeling good. If I need more time she let me wait (H tell her not to but she is my sister!!) when she tighten lace I feel so safe and feel she care and worry about me, but I don’t have excitement I get with H. he holds me firme and is hard but loving - he sense how to make me feel good. i love building up from gag to hood then actually best part is after, when collar go on. i still taste cigarete and feel taste go and feel lost as if forever, but safe and belonging too. 

 maybe i should explaine - H tell N to hood me often inafternoon while he still at work. so iwait and wait for him with N! not clear when he comes because he is manager and come when he can or want... so i sit with N and we hold hand really nice in hood in notice everything about hand how soft and wet and loving and feel so much (also i often ask H to hold my hand when hooded but he always say no he think it will damage experience. i dont know! i wish he will hold....) then i have such fantasie its great and i can wait long time not bored (yet! lol). when N eat or smoke i smell it and get such need for it and it make me higher just to need!  and when N get up to do something i never know if H come and she go to let him in... i get wild .... and when he come he take me away straight and this is best feeling ever ever! when he lead my leash out of room i am in heaven 

 for breath control i never try. i worried a bit because i not know if H knows... it sound such fun, maybe we will try but H must know what to do.  your descript sound fantastique! 

 hope this not boring Sir. what is your childhood experience? i love to know. 

 thank you Sir

 your H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo




ps here is picture of me, one year ago - hair bit longer now, and have piercing, and like difrente makeup, but at least you see me! 

 all my love

 H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 




Thank you so much for your photo. Quite unlike your profile photo on gothicpersonals, but if I look closely I can see the resemblance... 



hi Sir

 thanks for mail!  just to say photo on gothic personals is not photo its art by my favorite artist royo (not art of me .... wish it is!)

all my love

 H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 




Sensitive? Understanding is more like it. I hate people in general, but have been through a lot and am able to see through the fog people surround themselves with. And I can recognize someone genuine when I see them. 

Seeing and being close to your aunt, with her hooded, silent presence, may have made her seem a supernatural being in your young eyes. In childhood, our senses are hungry, and by not having her face or voice to identify her, she became a mystery to you (it could be anyone under that hood!). With mystery comes power, the knowledge that others can touch the real you only with your say. 

My own awakening came at an age when I did not even know what sex was. I was 3 years old, and I had just gotten a cat, who loved to climb into bed with me and sleep next to me on my pillow, or curled up by my feet. My mother was concerned she might wet the bed, so she bought a clear plastic mattress protector. I fell in love with the feel of the plastic against my skin, and, when no one was watching, I would take all my clothes off and slide under the mattress protector, pushing up under it and feeling the plastic tight over my body, imagining someone stroking me through the plastic. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever felt, and I knew I had to share it. In my family the most tangible feeling was fear, but I began introducing my sister to these exciting feelings. I was hesitant because my older brother was using her for his own purposes, and though my sister gladly shared with me, and genuinely enjoyed our time together, I still felt the uncleanness of my brother's interest. Had I not been as aware, or as concerned, there is so much more my sister and I could have done, but when she was 12 and I was 15 we stopped. We no longer saw each other naked, no longer played with plastic, we never even touched each other (not even to hug or to shake hands)! I completely blocked our happiness from my mind. I did not want to become like my brother, using her for my own wants instead of celebrating something we both could enjoy. It was only spring of 2005, 20 years later, when I found an audio tape of myself recording some of the things my sister and I had done together. Then I remembered, and my body remembered, and I miss her. I have her in part to thank for my lack of shame about my sexuality. Some day, I would love to thank her with my body. Words cannot possibly say everything. We were so close, but four years ago she cut herself off from me and began pursuing the man the has since wed. Did she shun me because I know too much? I believe so. 

Breath play is not something to be entered into hastily. My suggestion, if you wish to explore, is to start with smothering, using a pillow or other object that is still slightly breathable (perhaps N can assist) but if you wish to try plastic I reccommend you try it on yourself first. When you are alone at bath, bring with you a plastic bag or sheet. The plastic should be thin and soft, and not crinkly. Dry cleaning bags are best. I would send you a selection of bags to use on yourself, but I am sure H would not approve. Starting with self bagging is good for a number of resons. It gives you time to explore for yourself if it is to your enjoyment, and to test or expand your limits, before you introduce it to your partner. Many women who enjoy breathplay are lesbian, because they feel they cannot trust themselves that completely in the hands of any man. Too many things can go wrong if one is not sufficiently aware or in touch while playing with another's breath, and too often it is about control. For me, though, it is about intimacy. There is enjoyment in being made to endure, though. M is very trusting, and I enjoy pushing her ever slightly from excitement into panic. 

In front of a mirror, take the plastic bag, pull it over your head and wind it around your throat to produce an airtight seal. Make sure you have left a small amout of air inside the bag. Breathe slowly and deeply while watching yourself in the mirror. Be very aware of everything you feel. Stroke your face through the bag. Trace your chin, your cheeks, your lips, your open mouth. Look into your own eyes. Pull the bag tighter around your neck. As you proceed, the air inside the bag will grow warm and thin. Listen to yourself breathe. Feel your lungs strive to draw in air. Listen to the sounds of the plastic as you move, even slightly. Hear the swish of your eyelashes against plastic when you blink. Your breathing will quicken as you take in thinner air. Stay calm in the knowledge that it is you holding the bag. Open wide as the bag clings to your face, sucking the plastic into your mouth. Feel the rest of your body, imagining its entirety covered in plastic. And remember to feel, to open yourself completely to every sensation. Later you can play with bigger bags, or even fashion one big enough to climb inside. There is so much you could do. You could bag yourself and submerge underwater, with only the limited air supply you have trapped inside the bag! The most important thing is to discover your tastes and your limits before you allow anyone else to push them. 




Hi Sir

your experience is so intresting and you know so much! you really thinking man i think  its such shame your sister behave strange. i really feel sorry... she looses too much because of this, and you.... i hope it get better. closeness with sister is such important part my life i cant imagine without it. as your friend say H very dominante in dominante culture, but with N i can alway feel softness and love from childhood to make harsh life better, and she enjoy help sister and share life (it help her grow up too i think) and i always feel safer when being dominate when N here. in my dream too always N and H togetther. but i must be careful not use N for my feelings but love her too. im lucky because H harsh with her but also love her and help her grow up and understand man in this culture.

 i dont know if i should say, but sometime i kiss N and feel so good. it is like opposite of H, very sensuos and loving and soft and like our family soul connect, so deep. i love to bondage N too, i imagine she is antie and feel so full of great feeling.

yes my antie could be anyone you know so much so perceptiv!!  i remember as child always think she spend all day and night in hood and cuffes, and actually not know know if she so or not, but in child mind she was always live like this. then i realise it myself hooded and this i think make me enjoy bd things. sometimes i secret look at photo of her in album and see smiling face and in open like at picnic and feel so so shocked for her.  one picture i see her smoking too and i wonder if this why i start smoking? i dont know... 

thanks C Sir for kind kind emails. i feel i speak to first man who can understand

your H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo




My brother, my sister and I grew up in much pain and fear. We each dealt with it differently. My brother chose to obey. My sister escaped within herself. I grew up fast. I agree my sister is losing a lot in her present course. She believes fervently in a happiness that has nothing to do with who she really is. It would require great effort to break her out of that thinking, and I am certain the way to do it is with my body. I have gone over it many times in my mind, and have even decided on what to wear when she visits me (without telling her husband, I would prefer). I would meet her at the station wearing a long, floor length, heavy black vinyl coat, which I recently purchased on ebay, and under it my tight black rubber catsuit and matching elbow length black rubber gloves. At the station, a first kiss, and a long deep embrace, pressing myself close to her. And I would remind her, with my body, because though my mind forgot for 20 years how happy we were, my body remembers, and I believe hers does too. Perhaps she feels her reawakening will be a painful one, and is afraid that, once we touch, there will be no stopping.

My feeling is that anything you do with your sister that makes you both happy, and feels healthy, is healthy. For me, sex is the most direct form of communication. Words too often can mislead, can cloud the mind. If one is truly open and honest with oneself, the body cannot lie.

I am happy you understand how and how much I miss my sister, and share the same closeness with your sister I once shared with my own. 

Have you tried plastic yet? I would love to hear your experience and feelings! 




hi Sir

sory about delay ... hope your well and enjoying things!  lovely to get your last mail as ever! i can feel the loss when you speake and hope at some time it can made better.

 well i had a bad weekend - actually from thursady (why i didnt reply). its all my own faulte.  H found some mails i have sent to a Master i met online (in my normal account not this one - this is my maidene name account, so H hardly checks) and was not happy at all.  i am forbidden until today use computer (and only now because H at work) but H also punish me by making me do fasting (no eating drinking smoking speaking - nothing can pass your lip - its like what we do at ramadan) unless he allow me.  i got weak and need water but not too bad now ... i can boil water and H not knows, and take some N cigarettes but food is problem (H ask people next door to check i not leave house, so no shopping!) i hope i can eat tonight, he lets me. but it makes me better wife i know, and i did do bad thing,and H is right. i just hope he not beat me too much when he finish my fasting (normally men here finish with beating, it work well on girl with low moral from fasting) actually it first time i have this punishment from him (N have twice, and she get weak, and he beat her hard especial brests so it hard for her to sleep comfortable after. i hope not so bad for me, but) anyway its what i deserve.

 if bad thing not happen, then i would buy plastic! i really want plastic boots (have you seen typre with clear plastic very sexy i think!) and plastic skirt too. i thinking it very sensual when out under veil and cover in heat of day, and sweating. i'll try when H is happiere with me. 

 i wont stop writing you because i think we have special connection. you are very special man and i start to feel attracted you, to share more and more. i wont lose it

 all my love

 H xoxo




It is unfortunate but expected that your 'bad weekend' would happen. This is why I said knowing me could be dangerous, because I do not fit neatly into the world that made H. Without trying, I clash with his way of thinking. My heart owns and is owned by no one, and his world demands ownership. It would be dangerous also for you to grow more attracted to me, but I see this happening still.

Wearing plastic under your normal covering is very exciting. I have wrapped myself in plastic under my street clothes on occasion during summer when the rain is warm. Once when I was 18 or 19 my hunger was too great, so I stripped naked, wrapped from head to toe in a plastic bodysuit and went out in the rain for a walk. At the time I wore glasses (laser surgery has since banished that need), but of course I went out without them, and my vision was blurry through the plastic, so I did not at first see the married couple sitting in their parked car close to my home. I am certain they were far more frightened than I was, because they immediately turned off the light in their car as if to hide. I turned back and went home, not because I was embarassed, but because I did not want the police involved. Just imagine me in a holding cell, held overnight for 'indecent' exposure, naked and completely wrapped in plastic, waiting for morning so I could call my mother and have her pick me up at the police station! 

I am very private about my sensual tastes, and will only tell them to women who can understand. I also feel happy for having met you, but wish you great caution. I would not want you beaten, or worse, for trusting yourself to me. 




it makes me so happy to hear from you Sir so happy! it make me warm inside and easier to cope punishment i have.  Thank You and thank you, from my small but warm heart

 im just waiting for N come in from school. it will be great when she come, my first normal time since thursday. we will atlk and talk and hold each other and feel so good!  actually N has plastic dress i think i forgeot tell you. its red and one piece and very simple. i never thoght of wear it because i thought it too hot, but now thinking its good idea! maybe well wear it this afternoon for you!

 thanks for your so kind words. i do hope i not beaten, really, but ill get through with my heart and N if i must. hope you can pray for me C! 

 all my love & kisses

 H xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




hi Sir

hope youre well.  im here with N now having great time but thinking of you too Sir (sorry does sir sound strange? just i call H sir in arabic). Hs back in hour or so i feel like waiting for dentist! 

 what kind of plastic dress you think suits me? i talk a lot with N about this. 

 thanks sir

 all my love & kisses

 H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (N kisses you too!)

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